International Relations

The U.S. is a profound force for good in the world.  Our strength cannot be manifest, however, only – or even primarily – through our military strength.  Our ability to effect peace and democracy across the globe is rooted in our economic strength and a consistent adherence to the principles of democracy upon which this nation is founded. Through economic strength, diplomatic initiatives based upon democratic principles balancing our moral obligations to mankind and our national interest, the U.S. can continue to create positive change throughout the world.

We cannot be a force through military strength alone.  Many other countries have recently outpaced us in making strategic investments that a society needs to be successful, including education, infrastructure and energy. Making similar investments here in the U.S. will help to ensure we remain a force for good and that we continue play a strong role as a leader in the global community. The foreign aid budget represents less than one percent of our entire federal budget and includes money that supports our allies around the world who help us promote peace and economic prosperity. We have a moral responsibility to alleviate suffering where we can.