Congressman Dan Kildee

Representing the 5th District of Michigan

Statement by Congressman Dan Kildee on Looming Republican Government Shutdown

Sep 30, 2013
Press Release

Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) today issued the following statement on the eve of a Republican government shutdown:

“Unfortunately, we are hours away from a Republican government shutdown. Instead of forging – or even attempting to forge – bipartisan compromise, Republicans have created yet another manufactured crisis. Make no mistake – a Republican government shutdown is a millstone around the necks of the American people that will hurt our economy, threaten job creation and leave millions of families with less certainty and stability.

“For months, I, along with my Democratic colleagues, have presented a responsible, balanced alternative to fund the government and restore sequestration cuts. However, instead of working toward compromise, Republicans have instead decided to double down on their extreme, ideological demands.

“Every parent knows that if a child is throwing a tantrum, you don’t just give them what they want and expect them to never throw a fit again. House Republicans – led by the Tea Party – are acting like spoiled children, shutting the government down because they can’t have it their way. It’s shameful that Republicans have tainted our system of government with such political circus acts. Republicans should stop chasing their white whale – repealing the Affordable Care Act – and instead start to govern in a productive and bipartisan way.”