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Congressman Dan Kildee on President Obama’s Speech Regarding the Nuclear Agreement with Iran

August 5, 2015
Press Release

Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) issued the following statement today in reaction to President Obama’s speech at American University in Washington, D.C., discussing the nuclear agreement with Iran:

“The President is right: If Congress walks away from this agreement, Iran gets the better deal. The goal of negotiations has always been to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. That’s why I first supported giving diplomacy a chance, and why I support the nuclear agreement with Iran. “Negotiated agreements are never perfect, especially with a long-standing adversary like Iran. You don’t negotiate peace with your friends. The fact remains that this diplomatic resolution is the only viable path to stop Iran’s military nuclear program. As I see it, no one has presented a credible alternative. “This agreement cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb and permanently prevents them from developing a nuclear weapon. If Iran violates the agreement, the world will know, and all options that the U.S. has today will be still available. And if military force is ultimately the only way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, we would have even stronger standing in the world to use such force because we would have given diplomacy a chance. “This is the biggest foreign policy decision facing our country since the Iraq War. I urge all Members of Congress to think about not what the politics of the moment are, but what rejecting this deal would mean for the security of the U.S., our allies like Israel, and stability in the Middle East. As the President said, America’s standing as a leader of diplomacy is at stake, which is why Congress should support this nuclear agreement when it comes up for a vote.”