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Reps. Kildee, Gallagher, Kind, Delgado and Slotkin Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Promote Clean Drinking Water

July 20, 2021
Press Release
Test Your Well Water Act Would Create New Online Tools for Americans To Test Their Private Wells

WASHINGTON—Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05), Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Caucus, today along with Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-08), Congressman Ron Kind (WI-03), Congressman Antonio Delgado (NY-19) and Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (MI-08), introduced the Test Your Well Water Act. This bipartisan legislation would create an online tool on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website for Americans with a private well to find resources to test their drinking water and understand what those results mean. 

This tool would promote transparency, modernize and simplify access to EPA resources to help people potentially exposed to toxic PFAS chemicals. 43 million Americans get their drinking water from well water that is currently unregulated from both the federal and state government.

“Many communities, including Oscoda in my district, have for years been dealing with the impact of contaminated well water. Having an easy interactive online tool through the EPA will make it easier for people to test their well water and make sure it is safe to drink and free from PFAS chemicals,” said Congressman Kildee. “I am proud to have worked with both Republicans and Democrats on this legislation and I will continue to push legislation to make sure all Americans have access to clean drinking water and address PFAS.”

“People deserve to know whether or not their water is contaminated by chemicals like PFAS,” said Congressman Gallagher. “This bill creates an easy-to-use tool that not only allows individuals to test their drinking water, but also allows local officials to develop a better understanding of where contamination may be. I’m proud to join Rep. Kildee in introducing this common-sense, bipartisan legislation.”

“PFAS contamination is a serious threat to public health, and an issue far too many communities across Wisconsin are currently dealing with,” said Congressman Kind. “Making sure well owners have an easy way to test and treat their drinking water to protect against PFAS is vital, and I'm proud to introduce this commonsense legislation with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. I'll keep working to address PFAS contamination and ensure all Wisconsinites have access to safe, clean drinking water.”

“Upstate families deserve to know what is in their water. This bipartisan legislation will help enable residents to test their well water and ensure their personal water supply is free of toxic chemicals, like PFOA and PFAS,” said Congressman Delgado. “I will continue working alongside my colleagues to address PFAS contamination and deliver clean water to our communities. Congress must take up this common-sense legislation to increase transparency and keep our water safe.”

“The Test Your Water Well Act is a great step towards ensuring Michigan residents are getting clean drinking water from their wells. Under this proposal, water well owners will have the ability to test their well water to confirm that it is safe to drink for themselves and their family. We are appreciative of Representative Kildee for his work protecting well owners from drinking contaminated water, and we fully support this bill safeguarding Michigan families,” said Charles “Buddy” Sebastian, president of the Michigan Ground Water Association.

“We applaud Congressman Kildee and his leadership in introducing the Test Your Water Well Act,” said Terry S. Morse, CEO of the National Ground Water Association. “This new tool will significantly increase water quality testing of private wells and will lead to healthier and safer communities. Water well owners are too often left out of the national discussion on improving water quality- so we are thankful for Congressman Kildee’s efforts and look forward to working with Congress to pass this bill.”

“Households utilizing well water are predominantly located in rural areas and families can struggle to understand how to ensure they have reliable access to safe water. The helpful and potentially life-saving resources housed on the website this legislation proposes will improve outcomes for millions of households in our nation’s smallest and most disadvantaged communities. I commend Representatives Kildee and Gallagher for leading this legislation,” said Nathan Ohle, CEO of the Rural Community Assistance Partnership.

The Test Your Well Water Act is endorsed by eight organizations focused on providing safe drinking water including: A.O. Smith, Environmental Working Group, Michigan Groundwater Association, National Environmental Health Association, National Groundwater Association, NSF International, Rural Community Assistance Partnership, the Water Quality Association and the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

As the founder and co-chair of the Bipartisan Congressional PFAS Task Force, Congressman Kildee has worked with Republicans and Democrats at all levels of government to make sure all Americans have access to clean water and address PFAS contamination. In July, a version of this legislation passed the House of Representatives as part of H.R. 3684, the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation (INVEST) in America Act, which Kildee supported. Kildee previously introduced legislation to speed up set a national drinking water standard for PFAS, clean-up efforts and detect PFAS contamination at other sites across the country.